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Frequently asked questions

What is Dancesport?

Simply put dancesport is another name for a ballroom dance competition. In contrast to dancing ballroom dances for social or performance, Dancesport is an athletic and artistic endeavor where dancers are compared to other dancers in their same proficiency level with a winner being awarded a prize at the culmination of the event. The International Olympic Committee has recognized ballroom dancing competitions as a sport (though not an Olympic held sport as of this writing). There are over 100+ dancesport competitions held in the United States alone each year, varying in size from one day competitions to week long events. There are over 10,000 dancers competing in various dancesport events in the United States.

How good do I have to be to dance in a competition?

You may have seen ballroom dance competitions on television, just started taking dance classes, or you have been taking dance classes for years. First understand that anyone can take part in dancesport competition. Dancing is for everyone, so everyone can participate in ballroom dance competitions. Having some knowledge about the sport is a good start though. With a good ballroom dance instructor at your side, and a few basics in your favorite ballroom dance you are well on your way to participating in your first competition. Dancesport competitions have a variety of proficiency levels; from newcomer (first year students) all the way to professional. As you progress in your own knowledge and skill so to you will progress through the levels at a competition. Have someone you dance with already as a dance partner? If you answered yes, you may enjoy Amateur/Amateur competition. If you answered the question with no, then your professional instructor or amateur instructor can be your dance partner. These competitions are called Pro/Am (professional instructor with amateur) and Mixed (amateur instructor with amateur).

Why do people dance in competitions?

Here is a list of some the most popular reasons students taking ballroom dance lessons and professionals have stated for competing in dancesport competitions. 1) A great way to set a goal and track your improvement with your dance lessons. 2) Satisfies the competition itch once enjoyed in high school or college sports . 3) A way to express myself. 4) Push myself to the next level. 5) Keeps me in shape. 6) I get an adrenaline rush. 7) It has improved my self confidence in every aspect of my life. 8) I love dressing up. Love the glamour. 9) I was never the cool guy in school, but on the dance floor the ladies won't even let me sit down for one dance now. 10) A hobby to share with my spouse. 11) I like the feeling of being good at something. 12) To create additional opportunities in my business (professional). 13) A mini vacation from my job and everyday life. 14) To bring out my personal best in an activity I love doing.