There are over 100 ballroom dancesport competitions available in the United States for the pro/am team to choose from each year;  making the decision of what competitions to attend beyond your local competition challenging. All competitions have the basics: dance floor, judges, music, and awards. Beyond the basics some competition organizers create fun themes, special parties for attendees, give nice welcome & participation gifts, top student prize money, or have exotic locations. It can be overwhelming to choose from so many wonderful events, and to know where other men will be dancing so you are contested. 

We have researched and compiled a list of competitions that go beyond the offering of gentleman only single dances. We have narrowed the field down to the comps that offer additional gentlemen only events such as multi championships and scholarships. Check out the competition list below, then click community to share with others what comps you are considering attending and get an idea where other men maybe going in your age, level, and dance style for 2019. 

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* NOTE: The competitions listed on this page are NDCA recognized competitions only. We have not included Fred Astaire Franchise or Arthur Murray Franchise competition events as they are only available to students and instructors that are members of their individual franchise systems. USA Dance competitions have started adding Pro/Am competitions to their formerly all amateur events. As they continue to expand event offerings we will look into the possibility of including these in our list for the future. 

Currently over 900 gentlemen compete in N.D.C.A. recognized competitions in the United States.  And over 600 lady professionals compete with, coach, and support their amateur dance partners each year.

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Upcoming Competitions for 2020 Season

 Select a competition below to find out what gentlemen only events are being offered and a website link for the specific competition you are interested in. When done with this page, check out our community page to see where male amateur dancers are looking to go in 2020. 

UPDATE: currently many of the competitions are being cancelled due to the Covid Pandemic. We plan on updating this portion of the website for 2021.

Competition organizers if you need to update your listing information please click to contact Jennifer, so we have the most up to date and accurate information for competitors.