About Gentlemen Dancesport.com

 I have been a professional ballroom dancer and instructor for 20 years. I have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of students to dance, as well as the opportunity to partner many gentlemen on the Pro/Am competition floor. Through the years I have watched the gentlemen competitors' field grow throughout the U.S., and the quality of the dancing continue to improve in leaps and bounds. The quality of the male dancer/athlete has continued to improve artistically and technically; thanks in part to dedicated and talented lady instructors and coaches. But like any sport, challenge is key to improvement.


The idea of Gentlemen Dancesport.com grew from the conversations I have had with men and their teachers throughout the country and with my own students. The conversations always come back to one topic, where can I find competition? There are over 900 men currently competing in NDCA events throughout the country. How do we attract and create semi-finals, and quarter finals? How do we know where other gentlemen will be going each year in specific levels and age groups with over 100+ events to choose from each year? How do we promote the competition and sport experience of our industry for newcomers?

This website is a work in progress, but it is my hope that it will continue to evolve and be a great source for gentlemen dancesport athletes, their teachers & dance partners, and dancesport organizers. 

There are 3 main areas of this website:

  • A list of NDCA recognized competition events that offer not only the usual single/freestyle gentlemen events but also multi dance championships &/or scholarship events for gentlemen pro/am. Click Here for the Competition Listing

  • A survey for the gentleman athlete to fill out to allow others to see how many dancers are in their age, level, and dance style. Click Here to take survey and see results.

  • An athlete forum, news, vendors, and articles of interest for the male amateur ballroom athlete and his pro partner. Click Here for more

Please Enjoy the Website and See you on the Dance Floor,

 Jennifer Corey

Gentlemen Dancesport.com founder Jennifer Corey with Pro/Am student Michael Moore.