an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.


What is Dancesport?


Ballroom dance competitions are known as dancesport competitions. They are athletic and artistic endeavors, where couples compete against other couples in their proficiency level, age, and dance style.

What is Pro/Am Competition?


Pro/Am stands for Professional with Amateur (student). Their are 2 types of  Pro/Am teams: lady professional with gentlemen amateur &  gentlemen professional with lady amateur. Some dancesport events will separate the 2 types of pro/am teams for competition, and others will combine the 2 types so the gentlemen and lady amateur will compete directly against each other. 

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With over 100+ competitions to choose from each year. We have listed 38 competitions that go beyond the regular offering of single/freestyle gentleman pro/am events. These competitions offer additional gentlemen multi dance championships &/or scholarships.

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Contribute to our survey and see how many men are dancing pro/am in your age group or level & style in the U.S. 

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Check out community news with articles, competition results, dance tips, athlete spotlights, and more.  Post on our athlete forum and find out where other pro/am teams will be dancing this season. Let's challenge and improve our dance skills by coming together on the dance floor.

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Have you just started taking dance lessons? Are you curious about ballroom competitions? Learn about this growing sport that challenges both your mind and body.

Gentlemen Dancesport




Dancing at its Best


A website that promotes and supports the sport of ballroom dancing specifically for the gentleman athlete. It is a source for male students and female instructors to know:

  •  What events out of the 100+ Pro/Am competitions in the U.S. provide gentlemen multi dance championship and scholarship events.

  • Where other ballroom athletes/competitors in  specific ages and levels will be attending. Creating the possibility for more competition and larger gentlemen fields at comps.

  • News, articles, and vendors supporting the current dancesport athlete and encouraging those new dancers considering participation in the sport. 

There are currently over 900 male amateurs dancing in pro/am NDCA recognized events. Semifinal and quarterfinal events might only be just a click away.  Let's build and support our gentlemen pro/am teams.

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